5-Day Challenge

Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Wake Up Rested and Alert 

Curated and hosted by Paul Sheldon and Ingrid Bamberg

Starting Wednesday, June 1, 2022

When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel? Do you feel rested and alert? Or are you still feeling tired, drowsy, sluggish, or perhaps anxious or overwhelmed?

Here’s my promise to you: getting a good night’s sleep is possible! Good sleep is vital for your health, vitality, growth, and performance. 

I invite you to join my new 5-Day Challenge! It’s 100% FREE. Your investment? A few minutes each day. 

You’ll learn simple and easy-to-implement steps to get a good night’s sleep and start waking up filled with vitality to realize you’re fondest, worthwhile dreams. 

Plus, you’ll discover how to have a more effective dream life.


5 Minutes x 5 Days

Next Challenge Starts

June 1, 2022


I used to end my days by consuming media. The challenge prepared me to meet my sleep with more reverence and I started to wake up more rested and energized.



Yosef Funke, Business Growth Catalyst

It made me intentional about getting a good night’s sleep!



DeWayne Hendricks, Founder, A New Daylight Foundation


Someone asked me, why I was so happy, and well, I guess getting enough sleep helps! I remembered some dreams. They stayed with me and it was great!



Megan Holmes, Studio Fuwafuwaen


I created a new night ritual and became mindful of what I’m calling for in my sleep and dreaming life.

– Jen Rollins, Professional Coach


Setting a time to sleep and preparing for sleep you become aware of so many interruptions.



Jeffrey E. Carson, Detention Center Superintendent (retired)





Getting a good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health. In fact, it’s just as important as eating a balanced, nutritious diet and exercising. Kind of up there with breathing.

Sleep deprivation can put your health and safety at risk, which is why it’s essential that you prioritize and cultivate restful sleep on a daily basis.

This 5-Day Challenge provides you with simple steps and the support to get a better night sleep, to wake up rested and alert to enjoy each new moment.


 Feel Well Rested

Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Sharper Attention & Alertness

More Energy & Better Mood

Increased Concentration & Productivity

Improved Memory & Dream Recall


The 5-Day Get A Better Night Sleep Challenge is based on a learning-by-doing model. It’s a user-driven, self-paced app that is grounded in applicable neuroscience, positive psychology, and human development. 

It comes with personal coaching and a supportive community of people discovering how to sleep better and activating a more effective dream life together. 

Everyone starts the challenge at the same time. It’s designed to be both easy to follow and instantly transformational by supporting the consistent application of small changes to produce exponentially better results over time.


5 Minutes x 5 Days

Next Challenge Starts

June 1, 2022

100% Of Our App Users Agree That

…the app is 

easy to use.

…daily mini tasks make it easy to stay consistent.

…the Challenge was a positive influence in my life.


Paul Sheldon

Hi, I’m Paul. I’m passionate about helping people to have a deeper, more profound, and more meaningful relationship with their dream lives to realize their fondest worthwhile dreams.

I enjoyed a wonderful childhood filled with dancing, singing, gardening and open-hearted exploring of various aspects of consciousness and spiritual experience. I flowed smoothly into an adulthood of consulting and advising, tree planting, dancing, and social activism for transformation of people, organizations, institutions, and communities.

I specialize in helping clients realize their worthwhile dreams. To do this, we focus on dreams – both the dreams recalled from sleep, as well as all kinds of visualization, imagination, creativity, goal setting, and creative approaches to the realization of worthwhile individual and shared dreams.

So come join me for this 5-Day Get A Better Night’s Sleep challenge and experience the benefits for yourself.


Ingrid Bamberg, Ph.D., SEP, RCST

Hi, I’m Ingrid. I’m the co-author of Wisdom of Dreaming: A Guide to An Effective Dream Life (with Paul Sheldon and Elizabeth Eagar). I find that our sleep life provides a ready-made gateway into all those aspects of life we cannot control. We can’t MAKE ourselves fall asleep … or stay awake for extreme lengths of time and remain functional. We also, generally, can’t control our dream activities either. 

So, how do we approach those things we can’t fully control? This has been a fascinating exploration for the last several years of my life. I started life as a good girl, obedient and “hitting” all the milestones laid out for me. A Ph.D. in Ecology and career as an environmental consultant, marriage and child, black-belt in Tae Kwon Do. Then it all fell apart. Divorce, health challenge, dissatisfaction. So much for control! And then the REAL exploration began. I started collaborating with Paul and the Wisdom of Dreaming process about ten years ago while finding my true purpose in this life as a somatic therapist with various certifications [Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST)]. I continue to grow into both.  

I especially love to explore all features of dreamlife with others, both waking and sleeping aspects and the confluence between them. Sleep is an essential facet of a healthy life and the first step toward fulfillment of our fondest dreams. I look forward to the possibility of exploring this with you. 


Dreamosophy is a self-reflective personal development process that helps participants get a better night’s sleep and develop a healthier relationship with their dream lives. It is a gentle, natural approach to dreaming that uses inquiry, self-reflection, and meaningful action to effect changes in one’s dreams – both the dreams that happen at night and the dreams that each of us has for our waking lives. Group sessions, individual exercises, and peer mentorship are all ways that Dreamosophy helps create more effective dream lives.

Whether you remember your dreams with ease or aren’t sure you dream at all, Dreamosophy can help you engage with your dreams in ways that transform the way you think about both your sleeping and waking lives. This approach is particularly suited for those who struggle with unhealthy sleep patterns, nightmares, and chronic stress.



The 5-day Challenge includes an array of self-reflective mini tasks centered around the science of building productive habits. It’s a learn-by-doing model that encourages you to reflect on your practices and daily progress.  You will access the program at your own time and play along at your personal comfort levels.


Get inspired by others like you! Participants reveal the creative ways with which they are learning and growing. Social interactions and shared acknowledgements keep it fun and motivating to stay engaged.


Huzzah! It’s a 100% FREE opportunity. Contact us for group or team admission or a private challenge for your group, team, business, or organization.


Yes, absolutely. A Challenge is a fantastic way to upskill your staff in a fun and meaningful way, plus strengthen community connections and culture. 

Email and we can chat about setting up a private Challenge for your team(s)!

Set Yourself Up For A Better Night Sleep!


5 minutes invested in preparing for a good night sleep will improve your health,
vitalty, alertness, and performance.

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