What is Dreamosophy?

Dreamosophy – the wisdom of dreams – grows from aspects of wisdom, wholehearted engagement, and metaphor. Dreamosophy is more than just a concept. It’s a solid exploration of one of the most precious and revitalizing dimensions of the human experience – dreaming! It’s the confluence of these underlying aspects with opportunities, initiations, and inquiry.

Put simply, Dreamosophy is a unique way of approaching your dreams that can help you have a better, more effective dream life.

You can learn to experience your dreams – and yourself in your dreams – without any constraints or restrictions at all – just total freedom of choice and wonderment in the dream world. When you do this, interesting things start to happen. This is when people can start to get profound insights and spiritual experiences from their dreams.

For example, in a dream, Elias Howe saw the breakthrough insight for how to perfect the lock stitch sewing machine: He dreamt of tribespeople carrying spears that had holes in the spearheads — it was a breakthrough for him on how to make a sewing machine needle with the thread on the leading point of the needle, rather than the back end. Francis Crick dreamt of angels walking up Jacob’s ladder, and the spiral staircase gave him insight into how the DNA molecule was shaped. This insight opened his thinking to consider Rosalind Franklin’s suggest of the double helix. The worldwide children’s book, Goodnight Moon, came from a dream Margaret Wise Brown had as a child. The waking world has been shaped by dreams in countless ways, told and untold. And Dreamosophy came from a series of dream insights and explorations by the founders.

Dreamosophy can be thought of as the space in which the wisdom and knowledge of dreams flow together, through shared metaphor and personal discovery. The activities and exercises found in the Dreamosophy series of workshops, webinars, and books are geared towards promoting wonder, creativity, and curiosity as you allow yourself to engage with your dreams in a deeper, fuller way than ever before. As you engage with Dreamosophy, you can begin having dreams that work for you rather than against you. Your dreams can become like a cherished friend whom you get to see or experience on a nightly basis. As you learn to experience dreaming in new ways, your dreams can become far more than just a distraction or jumble of “day residue.”

Dreams are an Opportunity

What can Dreamosophy do for me?

Dreamosophy is a highly individualized approach to dreaming, because everyone’s dream life is different! This is your dream life. Your goals for your dreams may be different than someone else’s. There is no one ‘right’ way or ‘right’ outcome – what is right for you is yours, and may be different from what is right for another. With that in mind, there are three foundational goals of the Dreamosophy program that apply to most people. These are:


Have a deeper, more profound, and more meaningful relationship with your dream life.

This might mean something different for each of you, because dreams are personal. Your dream life is personal. This is ultimately about your experience. A deeper, more profound relationship with your own dream life might look different from one person to another. That’s the way it’s designed! But at a very basic level, Goal 1 is for Dreamosophy to help you to:

  • Have dreams that work for you, not against you
  • Experience more enjoyment from your dream life
  • Get a better night’s sleep


Begin to transform your relationship with your dreams in new and beneficial ways.

Through Dreamosophy you can begin to make connections between your waking life and your dream life and consider how your waking life and dream life affect each other.


Learn about your Dream Opportunities, beginning with How to Be Free in Your Dreams, as presented in the book, Wisdom of Dreaming: A Guide to an Effective Dream Life. Through Dreamosophy, you will be able to experience transformation in your dream life. You can begin to identify the dreams that you have for yourself and your life, consider how those dreams reflect who you are, and make choices that might help you realize your dreams in your waking life as well.


Your Dreambassadors are here to introduce Dreamosophy, guide you through the steps of developing a more effective dream life, answer questions, and facilitate discussion. The real effect of Dreamosophy happens with YOU, IN YOUR DREAMS, when you do the exercises and activities in the book Wisdom of Dreaming. For more suggestions and support, please talk with a Dreambassador.

Dream on!

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